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This site stars:
  • SVK with SVN...because I always hated CVS
  • FreeBSD...the OS I use for my workstation (OS X for my laptop)
  • Gimp...for images
  • Perl...for CGI code
  • PostgreSQL...for database needs
  • vi...for editing
  site powered by vi logo: vi used to make site

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graphics by gimp logo: graphics made by GIMP

a photo of Chuck, the BSD daemon: FreeBSD used in development

Not featured:
  • Flash...because I can't be bothered to install plugins
  • Frames...because they're not needed here
  • LaTeX...because the beauty of LaTeX can't be converted to HTML
  • Pixel-perfect design...because that's not what HTML was designed for
  • Popups...because you know better than I do when you want a new window
  • Required cookies...because I don't care who you are
  • Required JavaScript...because JavaScript should 'enhance' the experience, not destroy it
  • XML...because no human should be forced to write XML
  • The following words (with apologies to Scott Skinner [1]): 'cyberpunk', 'cyberspace', 'digital highway', 'global network', 'infobahn', 'infoway', 'information superhighway', 'cracker', 'on-ramp'...except perhaps in irony
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[1] "This review was written without the use of the following terms: cyberpunk, cyberspace, digital highway, global network, infobahn, infoway, information superhighway, cracker and on-ramp. With a little effort, you can avoid using these terms as well." --Scott Skinner, Spring 1995 issue of 2600