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Tired of dealing with the JavaScript on my site, but don't feel like turning off JavaScript in your browser?

Unlike many sites with JavaScript--which require you to turn on JavaScript in order to use them--I do not enforce my belief that JavaScript should be turned off.

Click here to pretend you do not have JavaScript enabled. Adding the parameter javascript with the value of 0 (zero) will have the same effect.

Go ahead and click this if you want the JavaScript variable on. Adding the parameter javascript with the value of 1 (one) will have the same effect.


I have made an effort to have the standard page view conform to Bobby A status. A more accessible version of the site is available (level AA is attempted). The view of the site can be toggled with the bobby variable. Use 1 (one) for a more accessible view, and 0 (zero) for a more graphical view. Or, use this link to enable graphical mode.






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Quick link: Turn off JavaScript, or modify graphical/accessibility level